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Digital Printing and Design Services

Digital department can provide digital prints and design services for nearly any application.  

Dye-Sublimation Transfer Service

Suntex is committed to provide excellence in service, quality and delivery to all our customers. We have 30 years experience in dye-sub printing for the hospitality, upholstery, industrial and healthcare industries. 

About Us

When we started…

Suntex Printing, Inc. began in 1995 as a fabric transfer service for the hospitality market.  Customers purchased printed transfer paper and fabric, which was shipped for a commission fee to our 75,000 square foot facility.   The different industries would create designs, which were printed with disperse inks by offset printers to transfer papers.  After we received the goods, it was then used on a 135" wide heat transfer calendar to finalize the jobs. We also provide design, digital printing, black-out fabric and fabric treatments. 

Printing to perfection…

With several Mimaki digital printers our capacity is currently 3,200 linear yards daily with 80 percent digitally printed textile applications. Finished products include bedspreads, draperies, and shower curtains for hotel, industrial and healthcare markets.  

Endless possibilities…

A variety of services including fabric treatments, five styles of stocked blackout fabrics, fabric sourcing, and printing to cotton, leather, and vinyl.  Suntex Printing will produce anything from backdrops, bedspreads and bed-runners, barstools, curtains, fabric and vinyl upholstery, headboards, large soft signage, pillows, privacy curtains, roller shades, shower curtains, tablecloths, theater curtains, and specialty printing on substrates like wood, stone and plexiglass.

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